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Gastro Park by Alen Becirovic is a premium wine & hospitality spot in Switzerland. He offers consulting to Gastro Companies, organizes Events, and sells rare wines and wine cellars. He is also the only and main importer of Slovenian wines in Switzerland. 

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“Gastro Park wanted to make sure the company was about more than buying and selling wines”, says the founder, Alen Becirovic, about his decision to work with our Charity for Balkan Children.

Alen decided to partner with our organization for several reasons:

He wanted to find a charity he could trust and which was transparent about its spending. He also wanted to support his home country of Bosnia & Herzegovina in the western Balkans. Therefore, it came naturally for him to partner up with our Charity. We not only offer transparency, but we also publish all receipts, acknowledge documents, and more on every blog post per project. It is a good fit since the charitable donations are sent 100% directly to a local organization in the Western Balkans. 


Gastro Park by Alen Becirovic decided to go for a Product Profits type of Donation and donate 2 CHF per sold Slovenian Wine on the company’s website.  


The Partnership between the two companies started in November 2021. 


Become an CFBC Partner

If you are interested in becoming a full-service CFBC Corporate Partner and joining in our mission of Helping Children in the Balkans, connect with our team immediately, email or call (+1) 708 606 85 82.


Otherwise, please fill out the contact form our team will respond within 2 business days.