Do orphanages really need to be the first resort?

Traditionally, an orphanage refers to an institutional or group home for the care and education of orphans and other children separated from their biological families. In short, these homes provide shelter to those kids who have no one else to take care of them.

Foster care home is often used interchangeably in place of orphanages at different places, but the purpose remains the same!

But how much negatively do orphanages affect the lives of children?

1. Personally: Being separated from families and parents and not getting that love from orphanage individuals often leaves them scarred for their entire lives.

Besides this, there are not always proper hygienic conditions for children that again affects their health.

2. Physically: Not all orphanages run by the motto of giving a well-off life to each kid under whatever circumstances they can. Insufficient and not-so-good-quality food often leaves them malnourished or undernourished leading to multiple physical problems.

3. Socially: With not too many interactions outside due to any means, their social growth gets hampered a lot. Many privately-run and state-run orphanages don’t use their funds adequately to involve kids in social events and activities.

4. Mentally: Lastly, all the above points and surroundings eventually lead to mental scarring and leaves with incapabilities, if not taken care of properly at the right time.

So still, why do so many children land up with being at orphanages?

1. Misconceptions by parents/families that their children will be taken care of well while that’s not the case every time and everywhere.

2. Lack of awareness, training, and social services to volunteers and social workers often makes them convince parents that orphanages are the best first resort to a better life.

3. Exploitation and child trafficking make people intentionally leave kids there and resort to such inhuman means!

But the entire idea is to not put orphanages in the bad limelight. There are multiple such care homes wherein children have excelled more than those who have had families. But unfortunately, the number is not too huge to make a difference!

Orphanages are always open to volunteers volunteering as per their wish for the growth and enhancement of kids. If you feel that you can also do your share of uplifting the lives of orphans for their better future, take a step ahead and be a part of the change.


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