Our First Donation to the Home for Children and Youth Jefimija in Kruševac, Serbia

Donation Value: 600 USD

Date: 19. April 2021

Objectives: Providing personal care and hygiene products to Dom Jefimija’s beneficiaries.

Dom Jefimija challenges:

Fixed government funding for buying necessities leaves small room for the purchase of quality (and often expensive) hygiene products for the recipients. That is why young residents often have to settle for inferior quality hygiene products. Although stuff can't ever compensate for a parent's love, providing some extra care can bring a sort of comfort and satisfaction to these youngsters.

We know that the Serbian government is doing its best to aid child care institutions, but government assistance programs can’t cover all things. We believe that every child deserves additional care and kindness.

Our goal:

Raising funds for the purchase of products that will help maintain health and inspire confidence in youth. In response to that, we supported Dom Jefimija by donating hygiene products from leading personal care brands:

  • Washing powders

  • Fabric softeners

  • Floor cleaners

  • Soaps

  • Toothpastes

  • Shower gels

  • Hair shampoos

COVID-19 restrictions:

We enjoyed meeting the new Jefimija director Nataša Maksimović and taking a walk in the garden while discussing the beneficiaries' needs and future challenges.

Thank you

We want to thank our volunteers Tijana Tomovic & Saveta Dubak who helped organize this donation and personally delivered it on April 10th. Also, we want to thank our donors Marina I., Jovana D., Dragan D. for making this happen.

Our promise to you, our donors: To demonstrate our commitment to transparency, we are publishing all documents and pictures below.


Donation Acknowledgement receipt

- signed by the Director of the dom Jefimija Nataša Maksimović

Click here to see the Donation Acknowledgement receipt


- of 61'923.43 RSD (= 609.15 USD)

Click here to see the receipt

Thank you Note

- from the dom Jefimija to the Charity for Balkan Children, Saveta Tomovic Dubak

Click here to see the note


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