Our 2nd Donation to the Shelter for children and youth Olivera Verica Djordjevic in Vranje, Serbia

Donation Value: 700 USD

Date: 1. September 2021

Objectives: Providing 15 boxes of personal care and hygiene products to «Prihvatilište za decu i omladinu Olivera Verica Đorđević in Vranje, Serbia» beneficiaries.

There are needs beyond food, clothing, and shelter. Our aim was to provide Prihvatilište Za Decu I Omladinu Olivera Verica Đorđević beneficiaries in Vranje, Serbia with personal care and hygiene products.

What they needed

When we reached out to Prihvatilište Za Decu I Omladinu Olivera Verica Đorđević, the first thing we did was understand what their needs were. We, then, secured a list of products from them, which included the following hygiene products:

● Liquid soap

● Floor cleaners

● Sanitary disinfectants,

● Rubbing alcohol

● Masks

● Hygiene gloves

● Toilet paper

● Wet wipes

● Diapers for adults and children (any brand)

The list also contained food item requests but due to some logistical issues, we could only send hygiene products for safety reasons.

We accomplished our objective but..

We had to face our fair share of challenges. The request had to be met via mail due to the unavailability of our vehicle, so we couldn’t personally deliver the packages to Prihvatilište Za Decu I Omladinu Olivera Verica Đorđević.

The delivery cost came down to $20 for 15 packages but the next time Prihvatilište Za Decu I Omladinu Olivera Verica Đorđević needs us, we hope to personally deliver their requirements as well as meet their amazing team.

Thank you

We want to thank the volunteers Marko D., Tijana T. & Saveta D. who helped organize this delivery. Also, we want to thank our donors Anthony M-B., Jessica M., Emanuele M., Danka D., Saskia M., Saveta T.D., Milo D.

Our promise to you, our donors: To demonstrate our commitment to transparency, we are publishing all documents and pictures below.


Donation Acknowledgement receipt

- signed by Aleksandar Stanojkovic

Click here to see the Donation Acknowledgement receipt



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