Our 5th Donation to the elementary school in Velino Selo, Bih

Donation Value: 300 EUR ~ 315,75 USD

Date: 30.05.202 -17.06.2022

Objectives: Presents + a day trip to Brcko to the children of the District school in Velino Selo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

For this project, we partnered up with the Swiss company Gastro Park. Not only did the company support us with a part of the donation, but they also helped us with the delivery.

The main goal was to cheer up all the students in grades 1 to 4 with some care packages of sweets and toys. We also wanted to give some of the older students a chance to visit the city of Brčko and spend a day there.

About the District school in Velino Selo

The public institution, Elementary School “Vražići” in Vražići, was founded back in 1945. In August 1993, the school was re-registered in the Cantonal Court of Tuzla under number U / II 853 753, and since then, it has been operating as the Public Institution Elementary School “Vražići”.

The public institution Elementary School “Vražići” in Vražići operates as a nine-year school. It also has two regional schools: the regional four-year school in Brnjik and the regional four-year school in Velino Selo.

The public institution Elementary School “Vražići” with regional schools provides education for approximately 180 students from the area of Vražići, Velino Selo, and Brnjik.

About the Donation

We offered all 27 students (1–4 grade) care packages.

A single package included:

● Sweets

● Juices

● Toys

As we still had a bit of money left over from the donation, we invited some of the older kids on a one-day trip to the nearby city of Brčko. They had lunch, drinks, and ice cream, after which they visited an indoor playground where they had some fun.

We thought it would be nice for them to take a short recreational trip as they usually don’t get many opportunities. The kids were very thankful and had lots of fun on the trip.

*Day trip to Brcko

Thank you

We want to thank Semsa Suad Becirovic for the coordination, our Partner Alen Becirovic & his company Gastro Park for their support, and the school's director Edin Šerifovic for letting us help to put a smile on the children's faces. The school's hospitality and kindness were truly exceptional.

Also, thank you to all our volunteers for making it all happen.


Our promise to you, our donors: To demonstrate our commitment to transparency, we are publishing all documents and pictures below.

Donation Acknowledgment receipt

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Thank you Note

- From the regional school in Velino Selofrom the to the Charity for Balkan Children, Alen Becirovic

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Alen Becirovic

Gastro Park - https://www.gastro-park.com/


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