Deserted children of Bosnia & Herzegovina

That is how the rest of the world perceives the orphans in the Balkans, which was part of the former Yugoslavia.

The dysfunctional state of Bosnia and Herzegovina has failed the orphan children, who lost their parents to wars. Most children in the orphanages come from battered backgrounds of extreme poverty and upheaval, resulting from the devastating wars.

The orphanage or residential institutions of the Balkans mirror the similar unconcerned attitude towards these children. Such a situation makes the children in the state the most vulnerable citizens.

Human Rights Violations are Rampant in the Balkan Orphanage

Orphan children in the Balkans are at the receiving end of all kinds of human rights abuse. Things such as neglect, malnutrition, and thrashing by orphanage staff do not surprise anymore.

Besides, the stories of children with disabilities are even more terrifying. Hundreds of children with disabilities go through abuse and isolation in the orphanages, which may eventually lead to slow physical, emotional, and intellectual development. The fractured state can neither monitor its orphanages properly nor can it provide any better alternatives to these children.

Children often get expulsion threats even for the slightest misdemeanor. Homelessness can make the matter even worse for the children.

According to Human Rights Watch, most orphanages do not have enough personnel for large numbers of children, particularly the ones requiring higher support, leading to neglect.

We are Here to Lend Our Support

The condition of destitute children in the orphanages in the Balkans breaks our hearts. However, mere sympathy will not improve their situation. These children need all kinds of support to lead a decent life.

Children from displaced families during the war and the ones with disabilities constitute the maximum number of children in need.

As a humanitarian organization, we work with local people and the communities to support these vulnerable children so that they can get sufficient food, clothes, education, medical care, and a better life. We also aim to provide psychological support to instill confidence in them.

Let’s make it happen by working together!




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