Lack of individual attention can impact all facets of life

Abandonment, death, incapacity, poverty, or disability – it doesn’t matter why a child ended up in an orphanage. What matters is that entering institutional care will most likely leave that child with lifelong emotional and material challenges.

No matter how well-intentioned or well-run an orphanage is, it cannot replace the love or attention of a parent. This lack of individual attention can impact all facets of life, leading to:

  • Educational backwardness due to lack of attention comes in an institutionalized atmosphere.

  • Psychological issues from deprivation of permanency and closeness that only a parent or a family can provide.

  • Health problems can crop up due to neglect in the early years or lack of timely medical intervention.

  • Reduced career opportunities with no guidance and support from mentors or access to better educational facilities. This ultimately leaves the child stuck in a cycle of poverty even in adulthood.

  • Interpersonal and relationship problems due to feelings of abandonment and lack of family identity and closeness. These can trickle down to impact relationships years down the line.

However, despite these many challenges, orphanages serve a higher purpose. They take in and raise children who have no one else. They keep them healthy, give them an education and a decent start in the world. But when many children must be cared for together under one roof, the functionalities of the organization become institutional in nature. This cannot be avoided entirely, but we can soften some of the edges.

How can you help?

  • Donating money to support the orphanage in your city is one way to ensure that a lack of money never becomes a factor for lack of care.

  • You can also volunteer your time to teach or engage with children in these orphanages

  • Or sponsor a child for higher education

  • When possible, do give in-kind essentials such as clothes, toys, and more

  • Offer to pay for medical treatment of children in need

  • Mentor young adults in your field, help them find jobs, and start a career

  • Create awareness within your community to increase participation and fundraise.

If you have the will to help, the ways are limitless! Reach out to us to know how you can make a difference!


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